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Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU1500 Acceleration Development Kit

Product Description

The Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA Acceleration Development Kit is an excellent starting point for hyperscale application developers. This kit is based on a production-ready PCI card accessible in the cloud with the frameworks, libraries, drivers and development tools to support easy application programming with OpenCL, C, C++ through SDAccel.  Get started in the cloud, with this physical kit or both to move through development with Xilinx and go to production with one of Xilinx’s ecosystem partners.

Key Features & Benefits

· Specialized reprogrammable hardware for computationally intensive applications, specifically targeting the fast-growing markets for live video transcoding, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications using machine learning

· Single slot PCIe® half-length full height form-factor compliant: Actual dimensions are 6.600 in x 4.199 in

· Delivers 10-30x performance acceleration over traditional CPUs with a card designed to support 75W

· Supported with SDAccel™ Development Environment for OpenCL, C, C++

· Open Sources examples

· SDAccel Platform Reference Design for custom board support

Board Features

Featuring the KCU1500 Board



· 16 GB DDR 4 memory

· 3x DDR4 4GB, 2400Mbps, 64-bit w/ ECC

· 1x DDR4 4GB, 2400Mbps, 64-bit w/ no ECC

· 1Gb Dual Quad SPI Flash

Power & Thermal

· Chassis powered supporting 75W maximum operation

· Fan or passive heat sink

· On-board power telemetry via PMBus


· JTAG PC4 Header and USB-JTAG Header

· Dual Quad-SPI flash memory

Communication & Networking

· Two QSFP cages

· PCIe Gen3 : Two x8 interfaces bifurcated to x16 edge connector


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